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Data Protection and Privacy Policy

www.myronia.com is one of the leading trustworthy online stores for selling products, respecting the right, security and personal data of the visitor/users. Our main data protection and privacy policy of every type of information in relation to our customers, regarding our compliance to every current code or rules of good behavior and practice or framework of regulatory compliance that dictates the sale of products, is deemed highly important to us.

According to the Law 2472/1997 in relation to the personal data, as applicable, and every relevant or associated or authorized issued law, presidential decree, circular or directive from the relevant competent authority, the following definitions are provided:

“Personal data” are defined as the information that refer to or are in relation to the data’s subject. The of statistical nature concentrating data, from which the data’s subject can no longer be determined, are not recognized as personal data. For the execution of the services offered by www.myronia.com, the visitor/users are asked of indicative data, namely, forename and surname, address, telephone number, TIN, Tax Office etc. For specific information regarding the required information you may access the Terms of Use of the current website and in specifically the clause “Registration visitor/user’s personal information”.

“Data’s Subject” is defined as the natural or legal person to whom the collected data is referred to. The data’s subjects of www.myronia.com are defined as its visitor/users.

The “processing of personal data” is defined as every operation executed, with or without the assistance of automated methods and is indicatively applied for the collection, registration, organization, maintenance, storage, export, use, transmission, dissemination, deletion, destruction etc of the personal data.

“File” is defined as the personal dataset, which are necessary for the solid, legal and correct execution of the service offered by www.myronia.com and which are collected for this very purpose.

“Controller” is defined as the person, physical or legal, who determines the purpose and manner of the personal data processing. For the current and specific occasion, the Beneficiary Company “OPUS MATERIA LLC” constitutes the controller.

    For the provision of high quality services, the Beneficiary Company will maintain and process any personal data of the visitor/users, with exclusive purpose the support, promotion and execution of the transactional relationship created between them and www.myronia.com

    The Beneficiary Company has notified the relevant and competent Authority for Data Protection Policy for the record keeping of personal data and is subject to its review, according to the provisions of the Law 2472/1997.

    The visitor/user of www.myronia.com is strictly ought to provide his/her consent for the collection and processing of his/her personal data. The consent may be retracted by the visitor/user at any given time, without any retroactive effect. In case there is denial of consent for the collection and processing of the personal data required for the execution of services, the visitor/user must exit www,myronia.com without receiving any service.

    The Beneficiary Company is not allowed to notify, publicize, or transmit to any third party the personal data without the consent of their subject, unless this is obligated by a competent authority or service or following prosecuting or judicial authority and in accordance to the current provisions.

    The Beneficiary Company may process simple personal data for promotional and advertising purposes, only if the visitor/user has provided his/her consent to the processing of such data. The right to retract the aforementioned action is exercised at any given time from the visitor/user, notifying the Beneficiary Company regarding this.

    The visitor/user of www.myronia.com defined as a processing subject, at any given time, has the right of being updated, changing, accessing and denying his/her personal data, in accordance with the articles 11 – 13 of the Law 2472/1997.

The Beneficiary Company has developed an online store of maximum security, for the collection of personal data as well as for the transactions that may be executed through it. Only authorized personnel of the company will be able to communicate with you for anything that may arise or be requested and in no way will the visitor/user be asked for personal codes, credit or debit card numbers etc.

The Beneficiary Company holds the online certificate “Secure Socket Layers (SSL Certificate) from the world renowned reliable company Symantec. This certificate creates and ensures the secure connection and exchange of data between the online store and its visitor/users, preventing the interception of data.

www.myronia.com constitutes a reliable and secure online store of selling products. It personally respects each and every visitor/user and for this reason it invests in computerized or non-computerized procedures, of confidentiality of information, of the personal data and of ensuring for the safety of the transactions.