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Terms of Use

Information on the website “www.myronia.com”

This site was developed and is provided by the limited liability company with distinctive title “OPUS MATERIA LLC” established in Palaio Faliro Attica, Palaiologou Str., number 33 with Registration Number: 002470901000, with Tax Registration Number: 095758119 and Tax Office in Palaio Faliro and a branch store in Athens, on Parashou Str, number 25 (hereinafter referred to for brevity as "Beneficiary" company). The beneficiary company has legally registered the domain name of this website «www.myronia.com» as its «domain name» property.

The visitor and/or user of the current website and its services offered to them (hereinafter referred to as www.myronia.com and/or online store and/or e-shop) is obliged to carefully and diligently study the terms and conditions available below.

The subsequent use of the website and acceptance of the services offered through it, infers that the visitor / user has studied, understood and accepted all terms and conditions without reservation. Contrary, should the visitor/user not agree with the terms and conditions, s/he is obliged to not use the services and contents of www.myronia.com.

The provision of services in the current terms and conditions is understood as the sales of consumer products and notably specific and selected female clothing, shoes, accessories and in general specific female fashion items for the general domestic and non-domestic market, through the online store. The below referred to general terms of sales determine the procedure, the conditions and the manner in which the long distance sales contract between the user and the online store www.myronia.com is succeeded, and they are valid for every transaction made through it.

Terms of Use Review

The website www.myronia.com reserves the right to alter, review and/or change at any time and without notice the current conditions of use, in order to comply with the Greek Legislation, the European Rules, Guidelines, Regulations and/or to comply with the trade policy the beneficiary company follow. For this reason, the visitor/user of www.myornia.com is obliged to check the terms of use every time s/he visits it. The continuation of use of www.myronia.com and the services it offers, even after any changes have taken into effect, means the undeniable acceptance of the terms of use on the part of the visitor/user.
Industrial Property Rights and Copyright

The entire content of www.myronia.com (strictly excluding the copyright and industrial property rights those of whom belong to third parties, contributors and sectors, for which the inclusion on this website has been provided licensed to the Beneficiary company), including the images, graphic representations, pictures, designs, articles, technical characteristics, patents, sketches, diagrams, logos, compositions, databases, software, sounds, video, provided services and in all of its files, constitute the copyright and industrial property rights of the Beneficiary company and are protected under the Greek legislative framework, the European law and the international conventions. The Beneficiary Company reserves all legal rights referring to the content and the copies created of it.

It is strictly prohibited, without the written permission of the Beneficiary company, the in any way reproduction, storage in databases, distribution, supply, modification, use, exploitation, adaptation, abridgment, translation, part or all of the content of the website www.myronia.com. By exception, it is allowed to copy and print part of the content, i.e. photograph, sample of a consumer product, product size measurement unit etc, only for personal and not public or in general commercial use, and under the condition that the copyright and industrial property rights of the Beneficiary company are not affected.

In case of default of some of the above terms, the Beneficiary reserves the right to seek any civil and criminal liability of the person who conducted the illegal and damaging actions on the Beneficiary Company. In case of insult of legally guaranteed copyright or industrial property right of third parties, contributors and sectors which have been legally included in www.myronia.com, following the right of use given to it, the partial responsibility of restoring every indirect and consequential damage incurred or the search for any loss of profit and the general search for responsibilities, are subject to those parties, but nevertheless, the Beneficiary Company is obliged to provide any assistance and information to the third parties with which it collaborates and to contribute to the restoration of damage they have sustained.

Registration of visitor/user’s personal information

www.myronia.com provides the ability of purchasing products it holds or resells to the visitors of the website as well as its users.
The user, who proceeds in registering as a client of www.myronia.com through creating an account, further the completion of the required information and the submission the registration form, s/he is given the ability to visit and execute future purchases, using specific codes (username/password), which s/he can select/change him/herself. Under no circumstance, the registration of a user to www.myronia.com presumes the obligation of the user to exclusively execute purchases from the specific online store and it is clarified that the aforementioned ability is exclusively offered for the customer’s easy access. It is strictly clarified that the Beneficiary Company is not responsible for the theft of user’s registration personal codes and their usage under the name of the user, as the user bears the responsibility of their safeguarding. In case the user becomes aware that the codes to access www.myronia.com have been stolen, s/he ought to immediately inform the Beneficiary Company, so it can in turn follow the necessary legal actions for the safekeeping of its customer/user.

The ability to execute purchases on www.myronia.com is also available to the visitor, by completing each and every time the required information, before the completion of the purchasing process.
On both aforementioned circumstances, the visitors/users are obliged to submit the following information: (a) forename and surname of the individual or name of legal entity, (b) father’s name of individual, (c) delivery address or legal entity’s registered office, (d) postal code, (e) landline and/or mobile number, (f) email address and (g) TIN (Taxpayers Identification Number) and Tax Office in case the visitor/user requests an invoice. The beneficiary Company strictly declares that on both circumstances the terms of Data Protection are applied.

For the user to register on www.myronia.com or to create the aforementioned account or the purchase of products, the relevant visitor/user is obliged to strictly agree and give consent in relation to the Data Protection compliance. In case of denial, the visitor/user ought to seize using www.myronia.com and not to be provided the relevant services.

The Beneficiary Company reserves the right to delete a current user’s account, or to deny his/her access to www.myronia.com or not to accept the registration form, if the user, disjunctively or cumulatively, has provided false or incorrect information or if the account has remained inactive for over one calendar year or s/he has proceeded in creating the account abusively and with sole purpose to incur damage to www.myronia.com or s/he pursues to discredit www.myronia.com or to pursue unfair competition. The beneficiary Company can pursue the aforementioned actions without informing the user, reserving his/her rights to restore any damage it has sustained.

Protection of Personal Data

The beneficiary Company ought to abide by the current Greek legislative framework, the Rules and Guidelines of the European Law and the International conventions, regarding the Protection of Personal Data and the safeguarding of their privacy.

The Beneficiary Company, under the law 2472/1997, as applicable, has notified the competent Authority for Personal Data Protection of personal data record-keeping and is subject to such control. It is strictly noted that the Beneficiary Company maintains records with the personal information of its visitors/users exclusively for the communication and service purposes, completion of offered services for the sale of products, issuance of the necessary legal tax documents, transactions security etc. The information will not become known to third parties, except under the relevant legal provisions of 2472/1997. The visitor/user has the ability to correct, supplement, change or delete his/her personal information, only after s/he communicates in writing with the responsible department of the Beneficiary Company.

The visitor/user of www.myornia.com may opt to receive automated messages or newsletters that www.myronia.com offers for advertising and promotional purposes through mailing lists. In case s/he desires to be excluded from the mailing list or to deny the receipt of the aforementioned messages, s/he ought to strictly inform www.myronia.com. www.myronia.com reserves the right to deny the registration of any visitor/user or to delete him/her from the mailing lists. The beneficiary Company may process this information for statistical or other purposes, which are not contrary to fair merchantable quality, however, noting that it will not publicize under any circumstance the visitor/user’s personal information.
For further information regarding the Protection Policy of Personal Data and their safeguarding, you may visit the section “Protection Policy of Personal Data and Confidentiality”.

Terms of product sales

The Beneficiary Company respecting the consumers’ rights and interests, it notifies the visitor/user and s/he in turn accepts that the sale and purchase from distance of the products are executed through the use of www.myronia.com, governed by the provisions of the Law 2251/1994 on consumer protection and of the special Greek legislation, decrees, circulars, European directives and regulations and international conventions.

Specifically, the visitor/user recognizes and accepts that s/he reserves the right to retract from the agreement of purchasing products; such retraction can take effect and be valid exclusively within the 14 calendar day deadline from the date of receiving the products. The visitor/user must strictly inform www.myronia.com of his/her decision of retraction. www.myornia.com notifies the visitor/user that for the activation of the process of retraction s/he must: (1) send to www.myronia.com the retraction notification which is available in section B of the annex of the Law 2251/1994 or (2) to clearly state in writing his decision to retract from the agreement to www.myronia.com

Following the notification of retraction from the visitor/user and only after the products have been re-delivered to www.myronia.com, the Beneficiary Company must return the amount to the visitor/user, minus the delivery fee, based on the specific terms and conditions under the Law 2251/1994.
For further details regarding the purchase product processes in Greece and abroad, delivery of order and fees, cancellation or change of order, return of faulty products, payment and in general financial transactions executed through www.myronia.com, use of the personal stylist etc, the visitor/user ought to study the guidelines available at ____________, which guidelines and terms constitute a single and integral section of the current terms of use.

Payment transactions

www.myronia.com offers the ability to submit payment for every order via COD (Cash On Delivery), bank deposit, credit card and through PayPal. It is strictly recognized that www.myronia.com will not deliver any order unless payment has been submitted.

In case the visitor/user selects payment via credit or debit card, of any bank, www.myronia.com will automatically transfer the visitor/user to the electronic transactions platform of the banking corporation “Eurobank EFG”. Through this procedure, the visitor/user provides all information on the safe security system of the aforementioned banking corporation and no knowledge on the card and associated data is received by the Beneficiary Company. For this type of transaction, the Beneficiary Company bares no responsibility over the protection of transactions and of transmission of personal data, as it does not take cognizance of that information. Only after www.myronia.com is informed of the transaction and confirms it refers to the order to visitor/user has placed, then www.myronia.com must deliver to him/her the order.

The procedures, bank accounts, possible installments and in general the terms of payment are available here , which guidelines and terms constitute a single and integral section of the current terms of use.
Visit and use of www.myronia.com – Visitor/user responsibility
Every visitor/user reserves the right to visit www.myronia.com freely and without difficulties, under the specified aforementioned terms. The visitor/user declares and ensures without reservation that s/he will use www.myronia.com under the current terms, the provisions of the Greek legislation, the guidelines and rules of the European law and the international conventions, respecting and at the same time abiding by the fair and merchantable quality.

Every visitor/user that benefits from the use of www.myronia.com takes on the responsibility of any damage incurred on him/her by the current website from misuse or abuse of the services offered.

Underage individuals may visit www.myronia.com with the consent or the supervision of their parents or guardians, as is appropriate due; however, they are not allowed to register as users if they have not of 18 years of age. Even if they desire to make a purchase of a product as visitors, the order and its final confirmation can be completed only by the parent or guardian.

Limitation of Liability “www.myronia.com - Acceptance Disclaimer

www.myronia.com cannot guarantee that the services, choices, content and any tool it holds for the benefit of the visitor/user, will be offered without any disruption, without errors and that any such errors will immediately be corrected. Nevertheless, it guarantees that it takes all necessary security measures for providing high quality services and for resolving the aforementioned errors. The visitor/user recognizes the complexity and the magnitude of the task developed by the Beneficiary Company and as a result recognizes that it is under the possibility of faults, errors and/or omissions for which the company is in no way responsible.

www.myronia.com cannot guarantee that the use or any of the programs it holds will always be free of malware or free of any other file of destructive capabilities towards the visitor/user’s computer operating system. The visitor/user must with his/her own exclusive responsibility have the specific and original antivirus systems, and to take care so that the operating system’s information are not contaminated or recorded.

www.myronia.com is not responsible for the instance of spelling or arithmetic error on product codes or anagramming of those. The responsibility is borne by the producers or manufacturers or in every case the proprietors of those products.  

www.myronia.com is not responsible for damages incurred on the visitors/users due to their own non completion of the least and necessary obligations either during ordering the products or during delivering or in general during the execution of the purchasing agreement, regardless of whether the damages were caused due to events that www.myronia.com cannot predict from the beginning or due to random events or due to events caused by third parties or due to events caused by extenuating circumstances (i.e. weather conditions, strikes, squatting, network damage, third parties’ failure to perform etc).

With the reservation of the occurrence of further provisions, www.myronia.com is not responsible for the completeness, accuracy, legality, reliability or accuracy of the data and information provided by visitors / users, who are the only liable parties of the proper indication and completeness of the data they provide and register.

www.myronia.com is not responsible for any damage caused to third parties due to misuse or abuse of this website or of offensive or abusive comments or comments that offend the honor and reputation of them from the visitors/users. In case of violation of the aforementioned and cause of any damage to third parties on behalf of the visitors/users, the sole responsibility for restoring any damage the third parties have sustained is on the visitors/users.

Under any and all circumstances, including that of negligence, www.myronia.com is not responsible for any (actual or consequential, direct or indirect) damage or moral damage the visitor/user of the services suffers and the options which he makes, during the procedure of choosing which s/he makes with his/her own exclusive initiative and in knowing the current terms of use. The visitor/user remains the sole responsible individual for the appropriate research, verification, evaluation and use of the information provided to www.myronia.com.

Links to other websites

www.myronia.com, as an online store, has the ability to include in it links, hyperlinks, advertisements, ad banners redirecting to other websites. www.myronia.com is not connected to or controls in any way the other websites. www.myronia.com bears absolutely no responsibility regarding the content, the protection policy of personal data, the quality, the suitability, the security, the availability and the legality of the information and services available on the other websites. The placement of links to other websites on www.myronia.com does not imply the agreement or acceptance of their contents. The responsibility for the aforementioned is transferred to the visitor/user, who must diligently check the terms and the protection policy of personal data of the other websites.

For any damage incurred on the visitor/user who is transferred via the aforementioned links to other websites, the sole responsibility falls on the individuals who take advantage or manage the relevant websites or in every case their beneficiaries. The responsibility for the advertisements, the legality and validity of their content is exclusively undertaken by the advertisers.  

Information about “Cookies”

Cookies are small files that are sent to the browser the visitor/user is using and they are stored on the computer, for as long as the visitor/user uses the website www.myronia.com. Cookies usually hold basic information specific to the visitor/user so that his/her upcoming visit to the website is made easier or they collect the least necessary useful data in relation to the search preferences of the visitor/user. In no way do cookies collect or hold personal information or data, which would allow to anyone to communicate with the website’s visitor/user i.e. via telephone, email etc. Additionally, through the use of cookies there is no access to the documents or files of the visitor/user’s computer.

Additionally, the cookies aid in the rendering control and of the traffic of www.myronia.com, gradually improving its presentation and content, according to its visitor/user’s preferences.

It is strictly noted that the visitor/user reserves the right to activate, deactivate or delete the cookies through his/her browser settings. If the visitor/user selects to deactivate the cookies then part or all of www.myronia.com sections may not adequately operate. It is clarified that in the case of cookies deactivation, the visitor/user will not be able to go forth with the execution of his/her order on www.myronia.com .

www.myronia.com notes that it only uses the absolutely necessary cookies as well as their performance measurement. In this manner, easier access and the use of the online store’s services are provided and at the same time concentrated and anonymous information are collected so that the online store’s performance is improved.

Use of remarketing tools

www.myronia.com proceeds in using remarketing tools, based on which advertisements appear on the browser during the visitor/user’s internet browsing, when they have already visited or used this website. The advertisements and remarketing tools may also be used within the social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram etc. www.myronia.com advertisements appear either if the visitor/user has proceeded with an order or if s/he has simply visited the online store for any reason or even if they have communicated with it in any manner. In order to accomplish this remarketing technique, cookies are used by Google. The data that may be selected are subject to the present terms of use and the protection policy of personal data and privacy policy. This technique is also available via Google Adwords.

Visitor/user's Obligations of correct and legal behavior

The visitor/users ought to abide by the rules of decency, respect and good behavior, not to proceed in illegal, immoral, false, ironic, dilatory abusive remarks, not to proceed in publications of content that is opposing the law, the morals or are opposing to constitutionally regulated notions regarding the security of life, honor, property, personality, religious tolerance, human value, as well as to avoid racist, xenophobic and/or sexist remarks, reserving the right of copyright of their viewpoints.

www.myronia.com strictly notes that it will not tolerate any such remarks, reserving the right to: (a) exclude or expel or delete a visitor/user that violates any of the aforementioned terms and (b) proceed in deleting any such remark, without previously informing the visitor/user. The aforementioned obligation is valid for all means in which it appears or is viewed on www.myronia.com in any way.
Start and Shutdown of www.myronia.com

The Beneficiary Company reserves the right to shutdown or suspend the operation of its online store or alter its goal and/or alter the products it offers through it, at any time without prior notice. In any case, only the pending orders will be executed and no visitor/user will have the right to proceed with new orders or replacements of products. The Beneficiary Company is not responsible for any damage incurred on the visitor/user after the shutdown or suspension or alteration of www.myronia.com

Applicable Law - Jurisdiction

The current terms of use are conditioned by the Greek Law, for matters of primary content and for matters of interpretation. The sole responsible entity for the resolution of any difference, dispute, interpretation, violation or controversy of the terms of the current article as well as the procedures of sales and electronic transactions, is the Court of Athens.

Any term of use is deemed in the future opposing to the law or invalid or powerless it seizes to be valid and exist, without invalidating in any way the rest of the terms of use. 

In case of non-compliance to any of the current terms of use and before the visitor/user, if s/he feels they have been offended, proceeds to the relevant Court of Athens, s/he agrees that s/he will make every possible effort of amicable settlement of the supervening dispute in extrajudicial manner with the Beneficiary Company and only if there is not any acceptable common solution found, then s/he may proceed with this to the relevant and statutory Greek governmental entities of extrajudicial resolution of consumer disputes, without seizing his/her right to further proceed to the relevant Court.

Contact Us

In the case that any visitor/user denies or refuses or desires to clarify any or all of the current terms of use s/he is urged to contact the Beneficiary Company, via any means, through the contact information available on www.myronia.com and in the relevant webpage “Contact Us”.

In any case and for every misleading act, seeming abuse of the visitor/user’s rights, questioning of the use of www.myronia.com or further clarification or review of the offered services or of the consumer products available in it, the visitor/user may contact, via any means, the Beneficiary Company and the relevant department, so that s/he may be assisted.