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Secret tools
If you have fuller arms, then stay away from either wide or spaghetti straps, bandeau, and halter necklines. Instead choose layers which will complement you more. This way you won’t have to avoid wearing certain tops, by putting something over them. You can choose between blazers, cardigans, denim or leather jackets, capes and ponchos. Shop Cardigans

Evening dresses are usually sleeveless, therefore choose to wear a shawl or a bolero over them. Another option is choosing a style that has sheer sleeves, this way you look elegant and feminine.

How to choose the sleeve length

The length is up to you whether you like three-quarter sleeves, cropped, long, below the elbow cuffs or rolled-up sleeves with a button. The key for sleeves is not to finish, where your upper arm is the widest.

Εxtra tip! Instead of worrying about covering your arms, you can choose to accentuate your favorite asset; wear that statement belt to tone your waist or your sleek high heels, if you want to show off your legs.


Draw attention to your upper half

The idea is to balance your proportions, therefore strapless and halternecks are very complementary, the same applies for cowls, shoulder pads or ruffles, since they all accentuate your upper half. It’s very important to remember the role that underwear may play; a push-up or balconette bra may offer that volume you are looking for.

Smart hems
Avoid clothing that ends where your hips are widest. When it comes to choosing tops, remember that they should end either below or above this point or even choose asymmetric hemlines, open cuts or fringing as an alternative.

A-Line is the way to go
If you are pear shaped, the A-line, whether it is for a dress or a top, is the most flattering as it focuses on your upper body rather than your hips. High waisted pencil skirts or peplum dresses are also an excellent choice. They create the illusion of having a perfect hourglass shape. If you do not want to have an emphasized look then a form fitting top and a flared skirt, is the perfect choice. Shop Pear

Prints and Colors
Play with prints and colors, always above the waist. Note that patterns and lighter, vibrant colors accentuate the lower body and will often make it look bigger than it is.


Highs and Lows

The best way is to keep the waistline as high as possible. This way a high-waisted skirt or pants will create the illusion of longer legs. If you combine this with either a loosely or tightly tucked in shirt and high heels, the effect is going to be even better. The neckline should be deep in order to create the illusion of a longer upper body. Shop Trousers

The right fit
If you buy long trousers, it’s best to find a good tailor to shorten them rather than roll up the hems, because this will make you look shorter.

Prints and Colors
Combinations of tone-on-tone colors or one color from head-to-toe can make you look taller, so maxi dresses, jumpsuits and co-ords are a must in your closet. Keep in mind that vertical stripes make you look taller and slimmer. On the other hand, bright colors can be strategically placed in order to lengthen your shape, whether that is your legs or your upper body.

To go short or to go long?
The answer is both for tops, shirts and dresses! Boleros, cropped tops, short blazers and jackets all add length to the legs especially when combined with knee-high or short skirts and dresses. Contrary to popular belief maxi dresses especially if they are high waisted, are actually the best fit.

Extra tip! Trousers that only show your ankles, will make you look taller, but cropped lengths will have the opposite effect.


Your height and long legs are assets, many women are jealous of. However we know how difficult it may be with sleeves and trousers that may be a bit short. Don’t worry though, because we have some wonderful ideas on how to make the most of your great figure.

Accentuate your femininity
Try to choose feminine clothing and avoid androgynous cuts. Vintage dresses from the ‘50s with halter necks and sweetheart necklines can highlight your femininity. Choosing any kind of dress or skirt, especially if the fabric is chiffon or lace, can create a more feminine look. Another option that looks fantastic on longer frames is the bohemian style. Shop Boho

Mix patterns
Avoid the tone-on-tone combinations or two piece sets, since they create the illusion of stretching the body. On the other hand, shoes and clothing in different colors separate the figure. This can also be achieved by combining solid colors on the upper body with patterns on the lower body and vice versa.

Focus on your waistline
In order to create an hourglass body shape the best option is to choose high waisted trousers and skirts that make the upper body appear well proportioned. Maxi dresses are a no-no for tall women.
Shop Skirts

Smooth cuts
For tall woman what adds depth is layers and A-lines. A great choice is to wear asymmetric tops or tunics as well as longer tops.

High Heels    
It is time to break the myth that tall women can’t wear high heels. If you are confident and you own it, then wear them. Choose small wedges or kitten heels or even ankle strap heels, in order to accentuate your legs. If you prefer flat shoes then ballerinas are an excellent choice, since they can make your feet look smaller because of their round shape.


The perfect underwear

Shapewear is underwear that makes you feel comfortable and confident without any discomfort.
Shop Shapewear

Emphasize your gorgeous legs and choose wide waistbands that fit comfortably.

Smart layering
When you are thinking outerwear, think open cuts; the idea is to flatter your midsection therefore anything from kimonos, cardigans or cropped coats, is the best option. The key is to do clever layering by avoiding tops that are too short, because then the attention is drawn to your stomach, where the top ends. But if you choose your pants and top to be of the same tone, then you are safe, since they blend perfectly with each other.
Shop Cardigans

Cut outs
The empire line is the ideal style for you, as it puts emphasis on the slimmest part of your upper body making your small chest look bigger, by flattering your midsection. To add to the empire line’s effect, you can wear V-cut outs, scarves, vertical buttons, zippers or long necklaces to create the illusion of extra length.

Keeping it loose
Avoid tucking your shirt in pants or skirts, as it draws the attention to your stomach, instead choose to wear your tops loosely over them. Another option is clothing that features a waistband, which you can position under your midsection.


They key is the right and clever styling

Don’t cover up your bust, instead accentuate your assets. To achieve this you need to choose cuts and fabrics that are non-restrictive or flattening. When choosing tops or dresses, go for the V-neck which adds length to the upper body and gives the impression of a more feminine and chic neckline.

The ideal bra
You should find your perfect size and fit, keeping in mind that the perfect bra smooths out and supports your bust. A wrong choice of underwear can ruin an entire outfit, while a right bra can do wonders. A plus is that underwear is no longer only practical, but also stylish.
Shop Bras
Simple at the top

You want to avoid making your bust look even bigger, therefore you should stay clear off of frills and ruffles. A smarter choice would be clean lines and simple colour combinations. In terms of accessories avoid brooches and short necklaces, as they draw more attention to the area, while loosely draped scarves or wrapped once around the neck, can create a more flattering and chic style. When choosing bottoms the best choice is to go for wide leg trousers, in order to balance your proportions.

The wonders of wraps
Wrap tops and dresses have become a must in our closets. Their design creates the illusion of a longer neckline, while covering your bust delicately and emphasizing your assets gracefully. Some things you definitely should avoid are babydolls, empire lines and halter-heck tops, which accentuate the chest even more.


The ideal bra

The right bra will give your bust the perfect shape. A bit of push-up is alright, as long as it looks natural. Other bras that give a natural yet lifting effect, are the triangle bras without under-wiring, because of their wide cut, and balconette bras. Shop Bras

Prints and colors
You can create the boost you want by using block colors and patterns placed in a way to create the illusion of curves, just like nautical stripes, which are always in fashion.

Smart cuts
The best way to add volume, is through strategically placed cuts. Clothes with peplum design, as well as details such as ruffles, chest pockets, embroidery and embellishments give the illusion of a fuller bust. A good fit is also the empire line, because it is tighter right under the bust and it gives the impression of fullness.

Have faith in you
The choice of neckline is completely up to you. V-necklines, waterfall collars, close-to-the-neck round necklines all work well. When you combine them with accessories such as necklaces, you give more emphasis to your bust. Shop Accessories
Other designs that can have the same effect, are boat or carmen necklines as well as asymmetric ones, since they focus on the shoulders, collarbones and neck.