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The width of your shoulders is equal to the width of your hips without a clear waistline.
The best way to dress for your shape, is to choose clean lines and shapes with angles. The fabric should be structured, in order to flatter your silhouette and avoid showcasing the lack of curves.
Your sporty like figure looks best in minimal and simple clothing and androgynous shapes.
The ideal clothing should play on proportion; for a shirt choose asymmetrical or dipped hems. You should avoid sweetheart or plunging necklines as they will only highlight your small bust. Rather choose tops that have breast pockets, pleats or ruffle details, which will accentuate that part of your body.
If you are shopping for jackets, think of masculine lines like streamlined dusters and boyfriend cuts, which will harmonize your straight figure.
When choosing pants the idea is to add curves and volume to your lower body, therefore go for wide leg trousers.
If you are interested in more feminine clothes, then when choosing dresses look for optical illusions that create curves using prints and colors. Also the empire line is very flattering to your body shape. When it comes to skirts, stick to A-line as they formulate a shape for your bottom half.
A clever selection of fabric such as silk and chiffon that will smoothly hug your silhouette, is another way to add a feminine touch to your figure.
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Your body shape is well balanced and defined by a big bust, slim waist and round hips.
You have the shape and curves most women try to copy, so the idea is to keep it simple and stylish.
Your best fit is clean and tailored lines so when choosing tops go for scoop necklines and avoid anything plunging, which will spoil it by trying too hard.
Since you were blessed with big bust and hips avoid layering, which will cover up those assets.
Well tailored separates are your best fit, so a jacket with a tight waistline that gently drapes over your hips, is perfect.
As far as skirts are concerned, your best fit is pencil skirts and in general reserved hemlines. When choosing jeans, you should accentuate your bottom with skinny jeans or even bootleg style.
Fitting dresses and belts look fantastic on you, since they emphasize your slim waist.
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Your body shape looks like a strawberry, because of your narrow lower body and athletic shoulders.
Your best fit is choosing clothes that will cleverly balance out your upper half and its volume in relation to your narrow lower half.
When choosing tops and shirts, V-necks or draped necklines will reduce the volume of the upper body by creating softer lines. Regarding sleeves, avoid form fitting and go for loose feminine ones.
As hard as it may seem to believe, your best fit is to make the lower part of your silhouette look bigger by wearing long, palazzo trousers instead of tight fits.
The idea is to create balance, so decoration for the bottoms and minimal style for the tops, is the best choice. When it comes to choosing colors, prefer the lighter and brighter for below the waist and the exact opposite for above the waist. This will create that perfect balance you are looking for.
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Your figure is super feminine with slim legs, a small waist and large hips.
The key to your best fit is to create balance. Therefore the point is to fill up your upper half to avoid making it look even smaller.
When choosing tops, the idea is to add layers. It is a common mistake to wear skinny fit tops and shirts, in order to show off your slim upper half, because this only makes the whole silhouette unbalanced, as it accentuates your bottom half.
So, a fine-knit cardigan or a jacket that stops above the hips, will create the illusion of volume. Anything that may emphasize your upper body, like a tailored style, will help balancing your figure.
All types of sleeves look fantastic on you and the same thing applies for necklines; whether it is three-quarter sleeves or one shoulder tops or wide necklines, because the upper part of your silhouette is so petite, you look amazing.
If you are going for fitting clothes, then the best choice is A-lines and flared cuts, which stop just below your hips, this way both your upper and lower body, are in balance.  
When choosing trousers, go for bootcut to balance out your curves and combine them with heels in order to add length. Choose darker medium rise jeans with back pockets and avoid intricate stitching. Long line tops combined with slim fit styles, look great, if you have small knees and calves.
When choosing skirts or dresses, then the best option is the A-line fit that flows down your body, instead of clinging on to it.
Fitting and flare dresses complement your figure, as they are tight around your waist and they float over your hips.
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Your distinct features are slim legs and shoulders and the same width of your shoulders and hips. The part of your silhouette that needs extra attention is your tummy and waist, that have a round shape and extra volume.
While your instinct may dictate that you need to cover up your round body shape, your best thing to do, is actually the exact opposite in order to show off your best assets!
The key is to draw the attention away from your waistline and accentuate your strong points. Your assets are your neckline, forearms and legs so choosing cowl, round or V-neck necklines, will help you keep the eyes away from your middle section. While belts have a negative effect, buttons or details that are above your chest and below your hips, are perfect for your silhouette. Elasticated waistbands on tops are ideal for hiding your middle section and adding volume.
Streamlining your body shape is best achieved by open cuts on cardigans or cover-up kimonos. When it comes to jackets, your best fit is to be tailored in the back and their length to reach mid-thigh. Lapels should be V-shaped in order to accentuate your top, instead of your waist.
Your slim legs should catch everyone’s eye. How? By wearing high-waisted A-line skirts and light colored pants and jeans. Adding length is best, therefore avoid cropped trousers.
The idea is to choose clothes that nip you under your bust and drape over your waist and the best fit is empire lines and bias-cuts.
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